Who we are

Read Japanese
How to read Japanese is a question all language students ask themselves. YOMUZOKU is dedicated to providing students with tool to allow you instantly understand news, celebrity gossip, stories and Japanese Examples.

YOMUZOKU is a radically new online Japanese course.  The patented interface screen allows you to self configure the content understand any word you don’t know, by providing the translation and pronunciation.  And also allow you to switch off (or on) the translation and pronunciation of a word you already know. In this way you can easily grasp how to read Japanese.

YOMUZOKU is an innovative tool to learn Japanese online naturally.  The News, Gossip and Stories modes provide interesting and stimulating Japanese examples to facilitate learning.  The Learning mode allows you to have a more traditional experience, but still to provide memory hooks and stimulating content to build vocabulary with Japanese.

YOMUZOKU content is generated by native speakers to give you an online Japanese course containing native everyday content.  News, Gossip and Stories are posted each day.  A wide range of content is provided to help you learn  Japanese online with a variety of styles and topics. YOMUZOKU contains a large database of sentences to help you build vocabulary with Japanese easily.  Regardless of your level and ability you can use and enjoy the tool. YOMUZOKU assumes users have a basic understanding of the hiragana and katakana alphabets.

Our philosophy

No one should have to make an effort to learn a language; it should be effortless, fun and enjoyably addictive.  YOMUZOKU is dedicated to providing the tools for everyone to achieve that experience.

  1. Every language in the world provided on YOMUZOKU. 

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